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Thomas Leonard Nominee 2011

Administrative Requirements


"Running a small PR agency that prides itself on much lower overheads and quality outcomes led me to search for a reliable and versatile "virtual" secretary and admin whizz. Over the past four years I have been able to brief a multitude of projects to Monika whether they are regular weekly requirements or timeline-driven requests. These projects have ranged from administrative to research, database maintenance and media liaison to creative layout assistance. During this time Monika has developed an understanding of how I work, the deadlines involved in my industry and taken those very valuable next steps via her own initiative to ensure projects are not only finished but well presented. And this is no small feat as I have never actually met Monika and we have still been able to build a working bond that suits both of us. I definitely count Monika as one of my team and really couldn't get by without her."

Cathryn van der Walt, Director
12 Worlds Pty Ltd

I have been working with Monika for quite a while now and work overseas 50 - 60 % of the time. Most of my communications with Monika when overseas are at hours late into the night or early in the day time in those various countries and, not in the same time zone as Sydney.

Monika is very responsive, insightful, has a keen sense of timing and astonishes me with her effectiveness in a vast array of areas and communication formats.

Her business acumen and interaction with clients, vendors, suppliers and enquiries is excellent. It has been a pleasure to entrust more and more varied aspects of our business in Australia and abroad to her services.

Rob Salisbury, CSP
Managing Director
Strategic Resources International Pty Ltd.
Sydney Australia